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Envisioning A New World

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

A new world is forming as old structures are broken down. Everything in this universe is ENERGY, humans, animals, nature, planets, stars, the earth, the air we breathe. Everything vibrates to an energetic frequency, as humans we get to decide and choose the frequency we emit through our Thoughts, Beliefs, Behaviors, Emotional Intelligence and Intentions. Each one of us plays a VITAL ROLE in the construction that is taking place to raise the consciousness of humanity and our beautiful planet.

So every day visualize and hold your vision of the world you wish to exist in with your loved ones.

Envision a world filled with greater compassion, understanding, equality, kindness, Integrity, balance, acceptance of our differences and the wonderful diversity this affords us. One that

is lead by our true existence, that of pure love and gentleness from the heart, great creativity, empowering and embracing one another, lifting our spirits up to higher dimensions, that of divine truth. Free from suffering and fear, living a life of FREEDOM BY CHOOSING to connect to your True Self through whatever way you enjoy, meditation, stillness, being in nature, singing, dancing and most of all LETTING GO of the past to OPEN to new ideas, thoughts and Insights. Use your imagination and the wisdom of your higher consciousness, feel your soul calling, respond mindfully and joyfully as you co-create a Beautiful, Blissful new world for everyone to live in Harmony and Abundance, shining their unique Light. Bring your dreams and desires into reality by focusing positively on your thoughts, visualizing and knowing your attention to them can bring those creations into form, from the non-physical to the physical. ALL creations begin with a thought.

The more individuals that send out their wishes for a better world EVERY DAY, the stronger the energies will be for all humanity to raise to a higher vibration of loving energy. So enjoy co-creating hand in hand with the Universe and be the powerful Spirit you are. AND SO IT IS

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