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Intending your Thoughts to Happiness and Destiny

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

When you intend to begin and walk on a path of upward progress, you are also calling upon your soul, your spirit to assist you. Connected to your divine consciousness is a multitude of pure loving energies, or you may like to call these loving energies,

non physical beings of light, guides and teachers that have been with you since before you were born on planet Earth.

As you progress and evolve as a soul, so does your non physical team that accompanies you. It is a two-way process that dovetails to expand, and it is not only you and your assigned team that expands, but also the universe.

Every time you invest in your well-being and take steps to do so, you are creating a positive affect from within. This then radiates in your energy field out to those in close proximity to you, having a concentric effect.

Just like throwing a pebble into a pond, the ripples expand far beyond the entry point, affecting the water surrounding it. The energy is transferred from the pebble outward into the energy field beyond. In a similar way the energy, the thoughts you are radiating outwards are affecting both yourself from within, as well as others around you.

So when you are consciously intending your thoughts, you become not only more focused with them, but also more creative at manifesting and bringing into your life that which you love and desire.

Often this is a starting point for living in a more conscious way or state of being, meaning becoming the creator of your life. It is such a joy and good vibe when you feel your life has purpose and meaning, when you value yourself and all others. As you can begin to accept the part everyone and everything has played, and is playing in your life, you gain a new found insight, understanding and appreciation of everything in existence.

As you continue to unfold like a flower blossoming, you allow your deeper desires to surface and then to be expressed. You will also find you can experience more joy and ease in life. Everything is perception. As you let go of past tensions and see your life as a gem to behold and polish daily, you will discover a multitude of abilities and talents within yourself. You can then enjoy sharing them with yourself and others.

Laughter and fun is such an important part of finding and living with balance. As you intend and take action to be happy and have fun, so the guiding universal forces celebrate with you. Joy, peace and satisfaction become a greater part of your daily life. You will no doubt find that others enjoy being with you, just as you enjoy sharing in the company of upbeat and positive friends, that are both supportive and encouraging.

The energy that permeates from within to embrace you and those around you has a domino effect, just like the pebble being thrown into the water and the ripples drifting outwards…….. You may like to visualize this for a moment.

So enjoy consciously choosing your thoughts, along with a sprinkling of daydreaming, spending time in nature, relaxing and of course my continual advocating of the absolute best way to feel good, gain peace, clarity and understanding of your true nature, you’ve guessed it……...MEDITATION!

Of course there are many ways to gain a happier, more balanced and abundant life, but by allowing yourself to be completely unconditional in loving all that you are, is paramount to the unfolding and manifesting of your hearts's desires. Now you will be living with more ease and enjoying your life purpose, and indeed your divine destiny will become more apparent.

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