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Find Your Center

Find the center of your existence within all you do and in all that you experience, and in finding this central place in yourself it then frees you of the energies of others. For when you connect to your center you will exist within your own state of being.

So no matter what takes place around you, you are able to maintain your own inner balance.

You will then be less affected by the energies of others and the action of others.

Remember you are only responsible for yourself, your own actions and thoughts.

So DO NOT allow yourself to be drawn into situations that remove you from your own center. Be aware of other peoples agenda’s and do not get drawn into battles or conflicts that unsettle your balance.

Your own inner place of balance is a direct connection to your true/ divine energy, and so it will guide you in the right way, it will guide your thoughts and actions. It will instill within you an energy that is of a more positive nature, and the more often you can do this the easier it is for you to do when you really need to.

So within any given instance if a circumstance rapidly forms, you are more able and more quickly to enter into that central place of your core balance and in doing so, allow yourself to make decisions for yourself and not be led by the decisions of others.

Take a few moments now to softly close your eyes and connect within to your breath, breathe slowly and deeply all the way down into your lower abdomen and then breathe out slowly. Repeat these slow, long, gentle breaths five or six times as you intend to connect to your core, to your center within. Begin to feel a sense of calmness rising from within, the more often you practice making that connection the easier it will become.

When you practice regularly you will not only feel a sense of calm, but also a feeling of strength as you connect to your true nature, the state of your true existence. This is where your self empowerment stems from and flows more freely as you make that connection, giving you a growing inner strength and confidence as you continue to evolve.

When you have time it is always a good idea to practice a little meditation, you can try the guided visualization on my website or whatever works for you. Meditation is the best tool you can use to connect to your higher energies and the universal positive forces to assist you in any circumstance. Using your breath to make that connection to your center is also very helpful when you are unable to have a little more time to meditate.

So practice often, enjoy the calm and strength you will gain from this as you connect to your core, the energies of infinite expansion and creativity that await you.

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