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The Power of Love – Part Two

The single most powerful aspect throughout my life that has allowed me to expand my awareness and understanding, is LOVE. We hear time and time again, to love yourself is the greatest gift that we can give to ourselves, and it is true. It is by choosing to love yourself fully and completely as a multi dimensional being, that you can embrace and embody every wondrous aspect of your divine self. I know its a bit of a cliche, but you are an infinite soul on a journey, a soul filled with love.

Throughout your life you will have encountered many varied experiences, it is these experiences that have bought you to where you are right now. This point is the most important place you will ever stand, as it is from here you take your next step.

You hold the power in your next choice and stepping forward from a place of acceptance is key. It is imperative for you now that you are ok with this point in your life,

as this is your stepping stone, your leverage. So working on your current vibration, the thoughts you hold about where you are is essential to your vision or steps forward, as you have the power to make new choices ahead in the moments you need to.

I mentioned choices in part one and choices give us freedom. There are always choices, even if it is as simple as saying yes, no, or I need more time. Some situations call for more time, to consider and allow more options to come into play to make the best choice. So giving yourself the time and space to do so is essential for gaining peace of mind and a successful outcome, one that you are happy with.

An exercise I find helpful when I am facing a challenging situation is to ask my inner self, what is the best thing I can do here? Then give myself the quiet time to listen or use a distraction to move away from it, if there are any tensions present. When my mind is calmer and clearer, I can then come back to it with a better perspective to process the given situation. There maybe anger or frustration that is better to let soften or dissipate, before making any decisions. Give yourself time to connect to your souls intuition and allow yourself to feel more peaceful.

It is great to have a sense of humor at any challenging points, especially when other

individuals are involved. It really helps when you feel your buttons are being pushed! I can’t tell you the amount of times my humor has stopped me going down a tricky or disempowering path of thoughts. I am so thankful we are gifted with the tool of humor, we just need to remember we have it as another choice to draw upon when needed.

So ask yourself when any challenging situations or circumstances arise, what is the best thing I can do here? Then listen as you give yourself some space and time to allow your inner being to communicate with subtle impulses, through your intuition. It always will at a time you are calm, open and receptive. That loving energy, that powerful vibration of love is always available to you, you just need to be on the right frequency to allow it inspire you. Relaxation and being at ease with yourself can create the inner balance necessary to move towards gaining that frequency, that state of alignment with your true nature.

When you are in alignment, in a state of balance you are far less likely to be affected by any outside energies, either by individuals or any other negative, unbalanced energy. You are then equipped to deal far better with any situation as you are in tune with infinite energies and possibilities, those of the pure consciousness of love.

Another powerful question I find can transform my perception of things is to ask, what is this trying to teach me? Or, how can I let love show me what the gem is within this situation for me to learn and grow from here? Enjoy learning to look at life through a fresh pair of eyes, the personal growth and empowerment you will feel and achieve is so satisfying. Sometimes it may be good to share a dilemma with a trusted friend, but always bear in mind it is your decisions that count for you. Through applying yourself from your integrity, your confidence in making decisions and choices you will inevitably grow. You will enjoy the buzz of being an inspiration for yourself and then others, as you attune to that strengthening power of love to become your guiding force.

Energies pouring into the universe now and onto planet earth are of the highest nature, the highest consciousness, with the purpose of assisting us all to ascend to the highest degree we can. Energy that is awakening, guiding and helping humanity to remember what we truly are, that of spirit, that of consciousness, that of pure love at our core. As you connect to your spirit, you are not only connecting to your inner wisdom but the divine wisdom inherent in all of us that is of infinite love. The more you are aware of and engaging with your true nature, the more you tap into the life giving force of strength, abundance, freedom and ultimately love.

By being true to yourself, to walking your path as the conscious being that you are, the more life opens up to you in wondrous and sometimes miraculous ways. Fun becomes a greater part of your life. Synchronicity happens more often as you are in alignment with higher frequencies that bring joy into your life in so many ways.

So enjoy taking time to be with yourself, to meditate, to relax, listen to some beautiful music, whatever you find aligns you with your spirit, and soar in the vibration of love.

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