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cliffs and sea

Here is a small selection of affirmations, remember the best ones for you are always formulated from your inner being.

Have fun creating your own personal, positive affirmations, by writing them down and using them daily you will enhance your energetic blueprint!! What are you waiting for start creating!

beach and sea

I am ready and open to recieve all the abundance the universe has for me. I relax and allow myself
to recognise all the good now and the increasing prosperity entering my life.

I am accepting of my true nature and realise I have access to the Intelligence that created
this planet the moon and the stars, as I relax and connect inwardly to my true nature
all the answers I seek are revealed to me.

I only choose thoughts that nourish my mind body and soul. I am an infinitely loved soul on a journey of fun and unfolding miracles.

The universe always supports and guides me in imaginative, inventive ways. Together we co-create my heart’s desires.

The immense creativity within me is constantly expanding and guiding me forwards to new ventures that satisfy and fulfill me way beyond my current expectations.

I appreciate all the new ideas thoughts and growing prosperity that fill my life, I am a loving being of infinite Light.

I now relax breathe deeply tune into my authentic self and trust everything I need will reveal itself to me in perfect timing.

I am growing in trust as I recognise that things have always, one way or another had  a way of working out for me. 

I love knowing an immense powerful force of loving creative energy is always looking out for me.  I am at ease with myself and allow things to unfold.

 I now feel a growing understanding of my true nature and love discovering new dimensions that take me to unexplored horizons.

I value, respect and accept myself on every level with deep compassion and this reflects in all my relationships.

I love shining my Light everywhere I go, with everyone I meet and in everything I do.

I am a powerful magnet for money, abundance increasingly fills every area of my life and I feel blessed.

I now feel at one with the Intelligence that lies within me, as I relax I allow a greater flow of energy to fill my whole being. 


I let go of anything that is resistant to the Laws of the Universe and vibrate with Love and Appreciation. As I do so I am in awe of the beauty within and around me.

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