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International Medium, Spiritual Intuitive and Clairvoyant. Caroline Crawford conveys messages from the spirit world with clarity, conviction and compassion.

Born with the gift of communicating with the spirit world, Caroline also channels Infinite Intelligent Beings and together their desire is to assist humanity to expand their consciousness and realize their true potential. Alongside this Caroline has the advanced ability to connect to the universal consciousness, that enables her to convey messages that will nourish your heart, opening up to your soul’s intentions and pathway in this lifetime.

A Highly Gifted and Experienced Channel: She has worked in the field for over four decades now, conveying universal wisdom and guidance in a clear and concise manner. She brings messages from your loved ones, human & animals in the non-physical realms, with profound accuracy, wisdom and insight. Her deep connection to the Spirit World will light your path forward to greater peace, confidence and optimism, touching your heart and soul.

Caroline is currently based in Sarasota, Florida and offers her In depth spiritual readings by appointment only. You may request to have your reading either In person, by phone, or on zoom .

To book an appointment and enquire about current cost, please email:

Caroline Crawford



I first met Caroline after the passing of my mother in July 2013. I went to see her not long after as I felt very drawn to Caroline after seeing her business card at my work. I think I was guided to her as I was in shock and grieving as my mother's passing happened very quickly with no time for goodbyes. Caroline did say as it was very soon after her passing she couldn't guarantee that a connection would be made. I so very wanted to say my goodbyes and make my peace and know that my mother was at peace. From the moment I walked in and met Caroline it was like we'd always known each other and I could feel my mother's loving energy in the room. Caroline gave me many personal messages that would have been impossible for anyone to know. All the family stuff and details of our life together, the fun and happiness and it was therapy to me. It was very healing to know my mother was happy and at peace. After this I visited Caroline annually to catch up with my mother and I always left feeling lighter and brighter. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline's extraordinary gifts and her spiritual enlightenment.

Jayne Noon, Towcester, Northants


After having a reading with Caroline I can say it was a most wonderful experience. The messages that came through were spot on and very reassuring. Caroline relayed messages from various family members with information that she could not have known. The healing I also received from these messages were exactly what I needed. The energy that comes through Caroline is a wonderful way to raise energetic vibrations and bring inner peace. I highly recommend Caroline and feel very blessed to know her.

Julie P, Sarasota, Florida


Caroline is a masterful medium and psychic reader. I was so impressed with her calm demeanor and amazing preparation for my reading. When I arrived she had already received pages of information for me from guides and loved ones. She was so accurate even down to the names of family who had crossed over. I received so much valuable information and guidance and even a healing from a Galactic Sister of mine that I have since started connecting with regularly. It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend Caroline. She is one of the most skilled mediums/readers I have ever met ! 

AnneMarie, Florida

I felt so blessed during my reading with Caroline. Among others, my father came in and relayed through Caroline what he had told me as he was passing years earlier. It not only validated Caroline but also something very special that was shared between him and I during that time. I am forever grateful . 

Tracy Fox. Florida

I went to see Caroline for a reading after being recommended by a lady that spoke very highly of her. I did not know what to expect and to be honest was quite unsure, but within minuets of being with her I was completely taken aback with her accuracy and the details she gave of my brother that had just been killed in a cycling accident. Caroline described in many details his personality, age, physical appearance and how he had died, along with personal things nobody else knew, that only my brother would know of. Some of it I could not take in fully due to the accuracy and the feeling that my brother was with me in the room, it was a very healing experience although I am still devastated to have lost my brother that I shared a really special and close relationship with, this has helped me a lot through the grieving. He even joked about a friend that was with him there, that again no one could possibly know that. My mum also went to see Caroline some time later and was given more astounding evidence of my brother, her son living on happily. He gave the message that he was so happy with the guide dog charity that they asked for donations in his memory to go to, spot on information that gave us all a lot of comfort in this very difficult time. We can't recommend or thank Caroline enough for the incredible work she does with so much love that brings much comfort.

Aimee S. Northampton, UK


 I truly love the healing  energy  Caroline channelled with Kuan Yin. I was glowing and my energy fields were filled with love and strength. The messages she also gave were so gentle and loving.  I am so grateful that thru Caroline, my sister Victoria's spirit came with a heartfelt message.  Thank you for all the love you give.

Camille DeLise, Sarasota 

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