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International Medium, Spiritual Intuitive and Clairvoyant. Caroline Crawford conveys messages from the spirit world with clarity, conviction and compassion.

Born with the gift of communicating with the spirit world, Caroline also channels Infinite Intelligent Beings and together their desire is to assist humanity to expand their consciousness and realize their true potential. Alongside this Caroline has the advanced ability to connect to the universal consciousness, that enables her to convey messages that will nourish your heart, opening up to your soul’s intentions and pathway in this lifetime.

A Highly Gifted and Experienced Channel: She has worked in the field for over four decades now, conveying universal wisdom and guidance in a clear and concise manner. She brings messages from your loved ones, human & animals in the non-physical realms, with profound accuracy, wisdom and insight. Her deep connection to the Spirit World will light your path forward to greater peace, confidence and optimism, touching your heart and soul.

Caroline is currently based in Sarasota, Florida and offers her In depth spiritual readings by appointment only. You may request to have your reading either In person, by phone, on zoom or skype.

To book an appointment and enquire about current cost, please email:

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