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Tetley, Carolines Horse
Caroline horseriding on beach
caroline leading her horse in forest

Hi, I feel privileged to work in the  field of Holistic Health, Spiritual Healing and raising awareness of your True Nature, for which I have been for over 30 years now.

During these fulfilling chapters of my working life I’ve attained immense insights and experience of both human and spirit energies that have enabled my own life to unfold and expand my consciousness in ways that have been truly magical. I have been honored to work with some amazing souls that have really inspired me into using my intuitive gifts, talents and abilities in a way that has given both satisfaction and great fulfillment.

I have received untold evidence of the spiritual realms, and the love that radiates from the energies of family ancestors and  friends that is always compassionate, loving, wise and at times light-hearted and humorous too. As  an  inspirational workshop leader I have been able to draw on my qualifications and decades of experience that consist of:

Spiritual/Holistic Healer, Animal/Equine Healer, Spirit Medium, Reiki Healer (Master/Teacher), Yoga Teacher, Intuitive, Channeller, Meditation Teacher, Aromatherapist and Reflexologist. All of which I am  extremely proud of and hold a deep love and affection for all the wonderful people and animals I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with.

Through relaxation and simple meditation techniques I have gained access to my inner being that has given voice to the expression from my soul’s wisdom. This has propelled me into focusing now more on my writing and working with audiences and groups of people in the United States, where my husband Paul and I now reside. We know this is our soul’s calling to an even greater expansion.

I would love nothing more than to assist and guide you to connect to your inner being/soul on your own personal journey for greater happiness, peace, clarity and self expression. In this way we truly create our own lives similar to an artist creating a picture, it all comes from within and the more in-tune we become with ourselves the greater clarity we have and transform possibilities into becoming a reality in our own lives.

Let's have fun creating a masterpiece of your own life, in your own unique way as we journey together and you allow your path to unfold.

May you feel the love that radiates from my heart and soul to your entire beautiful being, shine bright, infinite blessings  Caroline Crawford xx

pink flowers
English Countryside
My beautiful horse Tetley made her transition back to spirit in 2015
Taking a stroll together in the ancient forest
Shine like the sunflowers
Live life with Compassion
Magical energy in this universe
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