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Soul to Soul

Reiki Classes

Founded by Certified Usui Reiki Masters and Teachers Caroline and Paul Crawford, The Reiki Healing Soul to Soul School exists to deepen the understanding and practice of Reiki Healing. Together, Caroline and Paul convey a wealth of wisdom as both are established healing practitioners, having worked in the field of complementary health and healing for almost four decades. They bring a clarity and understanding to the classes and seminars they teach that only years of experience can impart. They are committed to on-going support, so each student is confident with their Master/teacher and their Reiki training at any stage. 

Seminars with advanced spiritual teachings will also be available to those who want to develop further in this area. All classes and seminars are held in the beautiful area of Sarasota Florida, known as the City of Light.

There are three degree’s of Reiki training and everyone begins with the first degree over two days with a half day follow up to address any questions that may have arisen and presentation of your Reiki certificate.

There are no academic requirements needed to take Reiki training, but we do like an initial, informal talk with each student before commencing to allow a connection of understanding between both parties.

Many individuals feel guided to join our Reiki classes even when they have already received training, as it becomes part of their ongoing personal and spiritual growth. To receive these attunements and be in this healing environment over the two day class with Caroline and Paul is a highly transformational and healing experience.

These training seminars are more extensive than many others currently available. Class numbers are limited to ensure students receive individual attention. On-going support and mentoring form an essential part of the tuition. 

Both Caroline and Paul are dedicated to their lives’ path with Reiki and the human potential within each one of us. They aim not only to pass on the teachings, but to inspire you on your own journey of healing as it unfolds.

To enquire further for current costs, availability, venue and training course dates, please contact us by email where we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.



First Degree Training

First Degree Training consists of four attunements by a Reiki Master/teacher that align and open the energy centres directly to the source of Reiki. This allows you to then channel the Reiki energy.

You will learn about:

  • The history of Reiki.

  • The basic hand positions for self healing and for use on others including animals and plants.

  • The wisdom of Reiki energy.

  • The five Reiki principles.

  • Both the theory and practice of Reiki with individual attention.

  • An introduction to the mind and body connection.

  • A fully comprehensive and extensive manual and certificate.

Once you are attuned to Reiki, it is with you for the rest of your life.

Second Degree Training

  • The three sacred symbols to amplify the power of energy channelled.

  • Distant healing techniques.

  • Mental and emotional healing.

  • Healing past and present situations.

  • Beaming techniques.

  • The deeper teachings and philosophy of Reiki.

  • A fully comprehensive manual and certificate.

Both will be taught over two days with plenty of time allowed for practice and questions. Three weeks after completion there will be a half day follow up for presentation of certificates and a review of your progress.

This two day training consists of:


"Those sensitive to the needs of others and that of the earth will find an affinity with Reiki"

- Reiki Master  Caroline Crawford

Third Degree Training

The Third Degree training is suitable to those who wish to incorporate Reiki into a professional healing practice and will include the Master Reiki symbol, practice management, anatomy & physiology, communication skills. You will also gain deeper insight into working with and understanding the expanded multi-dimensional energies of the heart and soul with higher frequencies of energy that will become available to you


Master and teacher training This is a life commitment to Reiki. It requires a minimum of two years experience as a Reiki practitioner and a deep understanding of the philosophy, theory and teachings of Reiki. Further details are available on request.

To enquire further for current costs, availability, venue and training course dates, please contact us by email where we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


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