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Using Affirmations and Mantras

Using an affirmation or a mantra on a regular basis can alter your mood, thoughts and feelings to bring about a positive, happier and more peaceful state of mind.

They are also a great aid to focus and still a busy mind (which at times we all experiance!!!) prior to relaxation and meditation.

An affirmation is a well chosen phrase repeated three times throughout the day and over a period of 21 days that can become a powerful tool to change beliefs that may hold back our progress.

Affirmations can also help manifest your desires and act like a magnet to draw things into your life. Wow now there’s an oppurtunity not to be missed!

A mantra is excellent to use when you wish to quieten your mind and thoughts, when you need to focus, and great to enter into a meditation with.

After a busy week I love relaxing in the spa closing my eyes and engaging in a favourite mantra or affirmation.

When you use them regulary they can assist in shifting negative habitual thoughts and replacing them into new suprisingly blissful ones. Depending on how far you choose to go with them you can induce altered states of consciousness. They are like food for the soul and have a history dating back over 3000 years!!!

The absolute essential ingredient when using an affirmation is that you say it in present tense such as “ I am open to all the abundance and creativity the universe offers me. I now create success in my desired dreams/relationships/career /finances/.” Whatever you choose to focus on, say it as though it’s now, as this is how you draw it into your life.

The way the energies of this universe work is to co create with you, so if you say I am going to, or I will be, you are in essence holding things out of reach, as it’s future tense and not in the present.

By establishing things are in the present you are activating energies to draw them to you and not setting up any resistance or doubt to living the life you really desire.

My current and favourite affirmation is:
“I deeply and profoundly believe in myself, in ALL that I AM, and ALL THAT I DO”

Caroline Crawford

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Caroline Crawford
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