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The Power of Love – Part One

It is through love that you are truly empowered, for love is the vibration of pure consciousness that is at the very core of your being. It is your true nature, your spirit that is ultimately aligned with the divine creator. Every time you make a loving choice in any area of your life, you align yourself with your true nature, those thoughts and energies that arise from your true self. You will know that positive energy of course by the way you feel.

Your emotions are the measure of how much you are choosing through your natural, loving nature. It is those good, positive and inspiring feelings that let you know you are in partnership with your highest loving energies, your divine self that is the driving force from within.

If ever I have challenges in my life, I always try to take my time to think through the various options to take into consideration. Bringing them to life through visualization and imagining them in the fullest detail I can. Then thinking about each option or choice one at a time and tuning into how I would feel with each one. My heart, my spirit, always participates in assisting me to make the best choice by feeling calm, peaceful and happy within, about my final choice or way forward.

Over the years this exercise has enabled me to fully trust my intuition, the guidance from my soul and the creator and to build on that confidently. I must add here that there were times many years ago that I was not completely sure about my decisions and questioned them. My inner voice kept saying just trust, as I gently took one step at a time to do so, my confidence and trust grew. The key is to make that quiet time for your mind to settle down and be with your spirit, as this is how you can truly strengthen your relationship with your all knowing and powerful inner self. Self empowerment is an incredible tool you have and can be used to your advantage when you are there for yourself. Know too that there are so many non physical beings loving and guiding you, that are right by your side at all times.

The relationship you nurture with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have in life, from the day you were born, to the day you make your transition back into spirit.

It is great to have loved and trusted friends and family, but at the end of the day the most loving, satisfying and one hundred per cent trusted bond is the one you nurture with yourself.

We all incarnated onto planet earth to develop and grow in understanding, to experience the joys of freedom through living in alignment with our spirit. This we achieve by deepening and uncovering that sacred part of us, that part of you that is infinite and ever loving.

Love is the energy that is constant and consistent in leading you to that greater part of yourself. The more often you honor yourself, your time, your well-being, the closer you become to living in harmony with your pure potential and creating a life of continuing abundance. A life ever unfolding to a greater and more loving existence.

Take a few moments now to recall a time in your life that was filled with happiness and optimism, a time you were full of the joys in life. A time you loved and felt loved, how that affected everything around you and most importantly how you felt about yourself, life and what really mattered to you then.

Love has the power to draw more good into your life, as you stay focused on that loving vibration you open the path to take you to further good experiences. You are coming from an inner vibration of love, that is the guiding force of creation, the law of cause and effect. So as you practice coming from love, that strength that resides within you, you move closer to your innate being. You move away from any of the more negative or restrictive thoughts to ones of greater expansion. This is the purpose of your soul. So choose love and take your time to align with those higher vibrational energies and thoughts. It is always your choice, it is always the best choice to greater everlasting happiness without doubt.

Listen to your inner guidance and choose that which feels best for you. Your spirit knows and forever guides you through the power and energies of love.

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