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Understanding The Energy That You Are

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Everything in existence is energy and light, or you could say consciousness. Gaining an understanding of this and accepting that each one of us is a valuable part of that consciousness, will expand your mind and energy. By visualizing and imagining the universe and yourself resonating as one light, is helpful and empowering as in essence this is what it is and we are. There is no separation and nothing exists outside of consciousness.

The energy, the light, has no boundaries and most importantly no limitations. The limitations only take place through your mind and your thoughts, so if you can carry out a regular mindfulness exercise to encourage the release of any limitations and tensions, then you will increase your connection to the universal consciousness, or if you prefer to call it the universal energy.

You could liken the flow of energies to a physical, human being with a part of you continuing to exist in the non-physical realms at the same time, to that of the Internet! There is a whole,

world wide web of colossal information in existence and by clicking on what you’re looking for you gain access to further sources of information. Amazing, unless your signal is weak! Then you will be unable to get a clear connection and maybe suffer with some interference or a slow connection, or sometimes no signal at all!

This is rather like tuning into your true nature and the energies of universal consciousness. If your mind is too busy or cluttered with negative or anxious thoughts, you will find it difficult to obtain a good connection. On the other hand when your mind and thoughts are peaceful, relaxed and open you can achieve great clarity and free-flowing energies, that in a sense you download and they become an integral part of your physical being and life.

Your time is precious and I believe time spent relaxing in meditation is one of, if not the most valuable time you can spend in your day. For as you become more finely attuned to your true nature, you live a far more satisfying, happy, healthy and ever expansive life. A life that you truly become the creator of, one where you can co-create with the universal forces that are infinitely loving, supportive, wise, all knowing and great fun!! Nothing thrills the universal forces more than to see you delighting in all that you do and realizing all that you are.

There is no better way to enjoy and live life fully than by expressing your true nature and uniqueness, being fully aware and living from that loving expression of your true self, the consciousness that permeates all things.

Let go of any self judgements, self doubts and criticisms as they do not come from anywhere other than inside yourself. No person, place or thing has any influence on you, your thoughts

or your emotions, unless you allow them to. You are the true writer, producer and creator of your life and only you create your life story. Let go of the old chapters, outgrown beliefs and any disempowering thoughts. Begin now living from your new ideas, empowering thoughts and understanding to create a life you’re happier with.

Just as when you were a child, the clothes you wore then would not fit you now and you would not try and fit into them anymore! You have grown physically along with your thoughts, ideas and perceptions, you have moved on naturally. So continue to move forwards with the new thoughts and perceptions without question. In the same way you would change into the new clothes which you like and that are fitting for you now, without giving yourself a hard time going over the ones you wore in the past. A past that is just that, and is not going to work in the present moment. Just enjoy each brand-new day, a brand-new a start, a fresh beginning.

Living from this moment is key to creating greater balance. Just as you move through stages of life and make transitions from one to another, it can be made easier by being supportive, kind, and understanding with yourself at each and every stage.

When your vibrational energy is positive, you attract positive people and circumstances into your life, because you are a vibrational match. The signal you are emitting out into the world contains the very same energies that are reflected back to you, because they are in direct response to the thoughts you are having, both negative and positive.

It is important to say here that you can change your thoughts in an instant and so recalibrate that which you are experiencing in your life, to change the direction of what is taking place. For everything begins with a thought and energy follows thought. Take a moment to reflect on this.

Energy is fluid, it is everywhere and each and every focused thought has a reflection. Although, as I say you can change your thoughts in an instant, so you can turn things around to create a better environment in many different scenarios. You can create more positivity around you and outcomes that are closer in line with that which you prefer and desire.

We create with our thoughts. That which we focus upon creates our vibrational energy. It is this focused energy that leads to creation. The manifestation of all things from energy into matter, that everything in this universe consists of.

So by taking a little time each day to relax, let go, visualize, daydream and meditate you can raise your vibration.

You can connect to your true nature, that of pure consciousness, by your intention and also spending time happily having fun. It is an essential ingredient to life, as it enables you to release tensions that affect your energy and raise it to a stronger and clearer vibration. This is how you become a true creator of your life. So now let’s take a little time to try a short relaxing, breathing exercise to connect within, as you release tensions and feel your soul’s energy, your higher consciousness, the Light that you are.

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