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Increasing your Intuitive Talents

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

It is through the sharing of stories, occurrences and inspirations with one another, that you encourage and increase the flow of energy through your vibrational resonance. In doing so you also allow a deepening in your understanding of the many different and diverse ways that the energy can then take form in your life. In days gone by, Native Americans would indulge and share as they sat around the fire with their pipe.

Sharing stories of the day’s events and also to share stories of their dreamtime and visions. In this way energy was awakened within each individual and inspired each one present to have the courage to speak out about their own experiences. For even in todays world with all the advances in so many areas, still so many suppress the intuitions, the visions, the thoughts and feelings that are coming to them. Inspirations that are flowing to them from their inner being, their soul and their team of non physical family, ancestors and guides, there to give encouragement, support and guidance.

In the time you take to share with others, so you may build both a greater bond and connection with each other, you are increasing and growing not just in understanding, but clearing the pathway for others to express their true feelings. To air their own occurrences and impulses they are receiving from their soul and their assigned non physical team. By sharing in this way, beginning with those around you and then further afield through your network in various forms, including the internet, and by trusting these inspirations, they will again become second nature and commonplace. This will be creating a world of greater understanding, of greater tolerance and acceptance of the many and diverse ways to exist, with the allowing of the non physical aspects of your true nature, which can then bring about the manifestations of so much more in your physical world. These endeavors will assist in the creation of the world that so many desire, a world of togetherness, a world of tolerance, peace and harmony. So you may like to begin with just one or two trusted friends, by sharing your experiences of that which you have received in your quiet time, or your meditation. As you do so, you are signaling to the unseen Universal lntelligence that then collaborates with you, as you allow a greater unfolding to take place.

Journal keeping is also an important aspect to record, write down and look back on. Things that have come to you through visions, thoughts or impulses that have inspired you, and even thoughts and visions that have then come to pass further down the line.

In this way you begin to build trust and believe in yourself and in what you are receiving. One of the most important aspects is that you are not attached or question or indeed doubt the impulses, the information or visions that are coming to you. For there may be times that the interpretation has been taken a little differently, but you will receive the general picture of what the inspiration is and was for. As with anything the more time you can allot and spend on your development, to experience more clarity with the impulses, along with a growing trust within yourself, then these things become a lot clearer and easier to interpret. You would not expect to know the alphabet and spell every word as soon as you begin to read and write. Everything new just needs a little time, a little dedication and commitment to your development. For in doing so we can assure you that great strides will be taken in gaining a greater wisdom, a greater inner knowing, first and foremost with yourself, and then with those around you.

So enjoy making your sacred time, you may like to use a little ritual to prepare yourself. Maybe burn essential oils, smudge with some sage, light a candle, have some very gentle background music as you set your intentions to connect within. Choose whatever helps you to feel and tune into that stillness, that place within, where Infinite Intelligence can flow through you. A sacred, peaceful place where your inspirations can be of help not only to you, but also to those around you that are reaching out for guidance. There are those that choose to incorporate divination cards to help them focus, and there is currently a wonderful variety of cards you can choose from; Angel cards, animal cards, a whole array of guidance cards that can help you tap in to that creativity, to those impulses that flow from Source.

You are always connected to Divine Source, the Creator, for everyone of you is an Infinite Being, an extension of the Creator. There are times when you are far more in alignment and in tune with that, but when you allow doubt and fear to play a part in your mind, then you disrupt that flow of energy. And you know yourself when that information and inspiration is clearly coming from your higher self, for there is a gentleness, calmness and an inner knowing about it. As we say with practice and further practice, it will become far easier to attune to your higher vibrations when you desire to make that connection.

Enjoy doing so at anytime and wherever you are, and the act of sharing with likeminded friends will take you further along that pathway, as you continue to discover and expand consciousness together. You will gain a stronger sense of self reliance and feel moments of bliss with your soul. These moments together with flashes from your divine core, will propel you ever closer to deeper and profound truths and insights.

So plan your quiet, sacred time to just BE with your soul. Take joy in the sharing of your Inspirations and stories as you raise the vibration not only of yourself, but in assisting others in their quest too. Remember we are all a valued part in the fabric of life, in the progression and continual evolvement of the Universe

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