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Cultivating Acceptance and a Non-Judgmental Attitude

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

I find practicing a non judgmental attitude, alongside acceptance is an ongoing exercise with both personal and spiritual growth. It is so easy at times to judge or criticize others and situations that we feel is wrong and yet this goes against the spiritual progress we are seeking for ourselves.

We never know the full facts or background that accompanies individuals and situations and it is wise to pause when we feel a judgment coming forth from our physical, human mind.

The key to remember when you feel you are making a judgment that you would rather not, as you move towards expanding your spiritual pathway, is to realize when you are making any judgments is to then not to to give yourself a hard time over it. The good news is that you realize it and in that moment you can then change it.

It is so good to realize that life is ever changing, every individual is unique and on their own journey. Every individual has their own current level of existence and understanding, and their journey is their responsibility. Your journey is merely yours and yours alone. It is the times when the physical aspects of yourself comes into greater play, that you will have more of or show more of the negative human qualities. By your awareness you can then choose to change those to a more positive and aligned way of thinking.

As with all of your life experiences it is a matter of being open, being open and accepting what has taken place, but also being open to what has taken place within a balanced position from within yourself. It is important to be in balance and to maintain that balance within yourself, by connecting to your true nature each day and allowing these energies to become a greater part of your physical existence. For when you are in balance you are far less likely to be affected by what others do, or what other situations are brought before you. If you are in balance you cope with everything in a much more refined way.

It is in this way you will have a deeper understanding and connection to your true self, and if you are connected to your true self, then that will allow you to go beyond any petty judgments.

Everything is about balance, everything is about being in-tune with yourself, but also realizing if you have an outburst of anything, if you have an eruption of an angry feeling or feelings of helplessness or disappointment, it is about the acknowledgement and then the letting go. For if you dwell on the things mentioned, then that creates a greater imbalance that takes you further away from your goals and your desires. That greater imbalance is more draining of your energies and the more drained of your energies you become, the more likely you are to become affected by others and situations in an even greater way.

So it is about expression, realizing what has taken place and then allowing yourself to let go.

You can be passionate about things, but without judgment. Try and reflect upon a time when you had realized this yourself, where you have had a real passion for something, real energy within something and yet you have been very much at ease with the whole process.

Even if that process took some twists and turns that you had not originally intended. For life is full of twists and turns, it is inevitable, but if you can maintain that passion without erring through judgment or disappointment through what has taken place, in maintaining that balance throughout your entire existence, this creates such a greater energy in moving you forward. You will then move forward with a greater ease, with a greater creativity and a greater clarity.

Therefore when those unexpected twists and turns take place, because you are in a place of greater balance and creativity, a greater positivity, you find your way through it much more easily. Because you are always looking to where you need to go, rather than being clouded by that which is currently taking place.

So balance, work on achieving that balance through the connection to your true spirit and allow that to be your driving force. Allowing your passions to come from that point of view and in doing so you will find that you have a greater experience in whatever is taking place. Allow yourself to be still and absorb the energies of your spirit to gain that greater and consistent balance.

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