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Start Each Day As A New Beginning

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Starting afresh each day is an important part of your growth, it really is about moving

forwards and not looking back or allowing yourself to dwell on the past in any way. Unless it gives you the feeling of joy and happiness, it is essential to focus on the present and future, to grow in understanding and of course to enable the continual expansion of your true nature. Any time you catch yourself going over the past or any not so happy times, gently say to yourself “this is not happening today and today is a day to choose to live from this moment” or “this is a fresh new beginning, a new perspective and I allow thoughts of happiness and positivity to flow from my inner being”.

You can release each and every situation, experience and person as you gain insight as to that which you allow to become a part of new thoughts that empower you and your life. This is achieved by only focusing on and thinking about those things, people, places and situations that have bought you to this point in a positive way.

You know there comes a time when we can accept that in some way we played a part in everything that takes place, and I don’t mean we or anyone else is to blame. It may be that your energy at a given time was out of alignment and you felt pain or sadness, anxiety or anger. The key is to release and be lovingly compassionate with yourself, as this gives you the power and upliftment together with an understanding to shift your energies and outlook to a far better place. Always remember to not allow any place, person or thing to have a hold or power over you.

You are the ultimate writer and creator of your life, you choose your thoughts and you always have the choice to change anything you’re not happy with. Sometimes it’s a small shift in the way you perceive something or someone, or the realisation you’ve been out of kilter and your thoughts were not in alignment with your true nature. So it is easy if you allow yourself to be at ease, as you’re Inner Being is always on your side, guiding you, inspiring you and on occasions we just need to let go of any stubbornness that is not working well for us and allow ourselves the freedom to move forward.

We can always choose to lighten up, plan a fun day, sing, dance, watch the animals and nature and be in awe of how things work so smoothly and easily when we flow naturally with the energies of our true nature. The sun always sets at the end of each day, and it follows on naturally to rise each morning at the start of a brand-new day. When you work in harmony with the natural laws of this awe-inspiring universe, you will become a more balanced,

powerful and yet gentle human being, drawing upon the non-physical consciousness that is intricately woven into every cell of your amazing being. In this way you truly create the life you were born to live with immense and profound happiness, well-being and fulfillment, beyond that which you currently imagine as you continue to expand in so many ways hand in hand with the abundant loving universe. So begin each day in appreciation and set your intentions for new beginnings with a light heart and an openness to inspired thoughts from your Inner Being, your soul, as you become aligned more consistently and happily.

Your feelings, your emotions are your touchstone for how much in alignment you are. When you are happy, optimistic, positive and you feel at ease then you know you are in close alignment. If you are not feeling that way then it is imperative you are gentle with yourself and choose something to think about that lifts your spirits. Listen to some upbeat happy music, read something positive and inspiring. Most of all be there for yourself as you nurture your most important relationship. You could write a list of things that make you smile or create a vision board of things you would like to be in your life. Creating a vision board is so much fun and creative, as well as being a powerful tool to use to create and draw in to your life that which your heart desires, it is also so much fun. As you find pictures and write positive statements to put on your vision board you will discover and uncover new ideas and the bigger the better!

Just be true to doing things in your own unique way and remaining true to yourself. As that is who you were born to be, beautiful, authentic you, not to dance to anyone else’s tune or what anyone else thinks you should do or be.

Follow your inner guidance and as you do so you will gain and increase your energy as you drive and steer your life from your innate self, the absolute best place within you.

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