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Creating Tranquility

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Tranquility is a wonderful quality or state of being. For it is in a state of tranquility the voice of your true nature can flow more freely through your thoughts and have a positive influence.

As you know any turmoil or tensions create a disruption to the flow, and gets in the way of the more subtle impulses from your true self. It’s a good practice to learn to discern the impulses from your True Self and the voice of your busy or anxious mind, that of the lower energies of ego. The more you are aware and know the difference the smoother the pathway becomes for you.

You can learn to quieten the voice of ego, when you’re aware of its presence and furthermore it’s important to soothe and not get agitated or annoyed with yourself if it seems more dominant at times. It’s helpful to have a sense of humor and gently push aside the contrasting or argumentative thoughts to more peaceful ones, the intuitive gentle impulses of your highest self or consciousness.

If you feel your thoughts are negatively going around in circles and have no positive, uplifting or calming energies, then the best thing is always to take a break and distract yourself.

You can train yourself to gently steer away from the unproductive thoughts, to ones of more tranquillity and gradually move toward the positive, inspired thoughts from your higher self, your true nature.

The key is to acknowledge the negative trail and take steps to gently turn them around. You do this by stepping back and thinking about something you appreciate, or look at something you enjoy. It may be your love for someone or something, maybe an animal, a child or a beautiful sky, even a picture in your mind that conjures up a happy feeling.

You can always turn your mind to something more positive once you realize you have gotten into a not so good trail of thought. Reading something positive is always helpful and learning to talk to yourself in a kind and understanding way. Listening to a relaxing or uplifting piece of music is also very beneficial. Practice is always helpful, on a regular basis teach yourself to focus on things that make you feel good, that raise your vibration. Even if it is just for a short time, it can make such a difference, try it and see!

Your true nature always wants to inspire you towards enjoying life and experiencing freedom and Joy, leading to expansion of your true self and personal growth. So the more you can create a tranquil atmosphere with your thoughts, the greater harmony you will have through your vibrational balance, not just with your true self but the universal laws that will bring you an upward flow of energies. Remember it is all about that which you focus upon.

So creating a quiet time, some solitude, is absolutely essential to becoming more strongly attuned to your true nature and the inspiration that is always flowing to you as you allow it to by tuning into your natural state of being in these quiet times.

When you are in vibrational alignment with the universe, with great spirit, you are naturally in alignment with your true core beliefs and won’t feel a need to justify yourself to anyone. You will feel in balance and a contentment, a happiness that is beyond words. A great sense of self belief can be felt and experienced as a deep inner knowing that everything is unfolding in the best way for you. So enjoy creating that tranquility for yourself and the untold benefits it brings into your life as you do so.

Much love, blessings and tranquility always.

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