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Choosing A New Start

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The thing I love most about personal and spiritual development is the fact that every day is a completely new beginning. So whatever has been going on in our life we can restart with a new beginning and a fresh inspiring energy. The energy of all possibilities that is available from within you.

Letting go, is paramount to developing the art of keeping life positive and starting afresh. Too often people go over and over what has gone wrong, or dwell on something that someone may have said or done, that they found negative or hurtful.

When you keep playing the scenario over and over in your mind, all this is doing is continuing to create more feelings of the same energy or vibration. So therefore keeping you feeling sad, angry, upset, causing you suffering and blocking your way forward to those brighter new beginnings. While on the other hand you could now choose to release and free those harmful thoughts to create freedom from the past and build a brighter, happier future from this now moment.

A question one of my spirit guides once asked me to bring some clarity to this very subject was, that if someone put a red hot burning stone in your hand Caroline what would you do? To which I replied, I would LET IT GO. They replied, exactly. If someone gave you a hot stone that hurt you, you would not hold onto it, you would of course let it go. It's the same with words or thoughts, they are all energy. You must also make the same choice with anything you feel upsets, hurts or angers you, release it, LET IT GO.

By your choice to let go, you are doing yourself a favor and allowing yourself to become uplifted. By holding onto it, you are doing yourself a disservice and punishing yourself at the same time. It is always your choice, your responsibility to your amazing self, to become more understanding of who and what you truly are and of the energy you possess within. Using your higher energies, applying self love and compassion from your soul is key to overcome anything that you find hurtful or disempowering and is always the best way forward.

We tap into these energies that are part of us, of our higher self by making quiet time TO BE with our True Self or Inner Being. We can then allow the wisdom to flow from that part of our consciousness that is all loving, all knowing, and always flowing to one degree or another. We just have to LET IT IN, by clearing the chatter and enjoy being STILL for a few moments of our day. The upliftment and insight you can gain from your quiet time is immeasurable, as the energy of your consciousness is unlimited and infinite. HOW COOL IS THAT!!

Using your Integrity to see the bigger picture will assist you in forward motion and release you from any negativity you may have been holding onto. When you begin to plant new seeds through new thoughts, ideas and visions, together your energy and your emotions will start to reflect a positive change.

As you stay focused in the moment after planting the new visions for your future and what you want to create and achieve, you will find the results you desire becoming part of your life. As you change within you will see the results of those changes in your outer life, as within, so without. Now you are kick starting the fresh new beginnings, as you are focusing your energies more importantly on visualizing and thinking about what you want to bring into your life.

As you release the past you will feel a renewed sense of freedom and be rightly proud and happy with yourself. This is where the joys of transformation take place and our understanding of the natural Laws of the Universe become clearer. You will be taking steps to be the true author and creator of your life, hand in glorious hand with the Universe that thoroughly supports you and delights in your happiness. So treasure your life and happiness as you enjoy making choices that create wonderful new beginnings, the new start your soul is guiding you toward.

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