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The Natural Cycles Of Life

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

As we grow and develop into a greater awareness of ALL that we are, there may be times that memories surface from the past that can feel unsettling. Memories and thoughts that we feel unhappy about, that are holding us back from expressing and living from our True Nature to our fullest capacity. Outgrown, limiting, negative thoughts and beliefs will come to the surface, for your attention to let go of and release.

It is wise to remember that every event, situation and relationship in your life has shaped you and brought you to where you are in your life now. The fact that you are in a different place now than you were in the past, is because of the choices and growing awareness you have gained along the way, and has no place for self judgement. So as you connect more deeply to the whole of who you truly are through your expanded awareness, you can then create a greater balance in life.

Everyone at some point in their life has experienced some regrets or disappointments, suffered loss and experienced sadness, but always we have the choice to release the lower emotions and begin to gently build our lives on a happier note again. I love the saying “ brush yourself off and start all over again”. Everyday we have that very opportunity to start over afresh, as we intentionally release the old to open the doorway to new horizons.

Using the power that resides within, allows you to continually see everything in life with a deeper understanding and a higher perspective, where all is well and working out in perfect harmony in divine order at your unique level of awareness in each moment.

It Is essential to acknowledge your needs and realize when something is calling for your attention, to be taken care of before the new energy can play its role in carrying you onwards in life. By releasing the past, the hurts and trauma step by step, you remove any blocked emotions and stagnation that build up in the body that can cause dis- ease. Then you allow the natural flow of energy to move through you as it is designed to do, without the disruption or interference you incur by holding onto the past.

Taking care of your needs and making them a priority is your absolute savior as you value and nourish your mind, body and soul. In this way you are co creating the life you came to live with the universal forces always by your side. For when you realize that, the happier and more balanced you become, the greater influence you can have in a positive way not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones and those you interact with in any area of your life. It's a win win situation where everyone benefits.

Everyone needs time to just BE with themselves and allow your true nature, that of your spirit to fill and envelop you with a renewed energy and new thoughts. Just like the butterfly that emerges from the cocoon to break free, for a beautiful transformation to take place.

To reach a degree of deeper understanding and freedom we naturally outgrow the old cycles and begin to welcome in the new ways. With the understanding that these are just phases or cycles of life, you can sail through them more easily by calmly accepting what has been before is now in the past.

By connecting with your inner love, the love that is an infinite and eternal part of you, woven into each and every cell, you allow the emergence of new empowering thoughts that awaken and rise from your spirit to take you forward.

Your spirit together with the loving power of the universal forces, encourages and instigates these cycles of natural progress for you to gain a new level of awareness and perception.

If we continued thinking the same thoughts and beliefs we would not experience any new creativity or ideas, any new places, relationships or adventures. Take a moment to think how your life would be and feel if nothing ever changed or improved! No thank you !

The cycles of the moon also instigate movement and change, you may notice how your energies mentally and emotionally feel more intense around a full or new Moon.

It is a great time to release the old and establish the new things you would like to attract into your life. Writing down your desires and taking a few moments to focus upon them by visualizing and really imagining them as part of your life is a powerful way to manifest new beginnings. By doing so you are also releasing the old and outgrown at the same time, clearing the energies rather like spring cleaning, but for mind, body and soul.

As you do this it is imperative you feel the good feelings associated by attaining your desires and the ways you wish to re invent your life, as though you already have and feel those things in your life now. In this way you then become an energetic match to your desires. As you set your intentions and visualize what it is you desire, feel as though you already have them, it then becomes a done deal in vibrational reality or energetic terms. The unseen energies of the universe collaborate with a collective of energies to manifest your askings as you align yourself with them. This is how you co create, you become a vibrational match to that which you desire. Then you are in alignment with all that you are and all you desire can manifest in your life. This is a fundamental law of the universe.

Enjoy quiet moments of really tuning into the feeling of what you want and watch how abundant your life becomes as you allow yourself to let it in.

You cannot bring or manifest anything into your life that you do not believe you can have, be or do. Trust you can manifest the new into your life with whatever it is your heart and soul desires and it will be. Releasing limiting and self negating thoughts is all part of the natural cycles of life.

Always remember to be compassionate and kind with yourself in any conflicting or troubled times. Know without any doubt, that this phase will pass, bringing a greater clarity, happiness and

renewed understanding from within. This will then lead you to the unfolding of new cycles and adventures to pursue, to your heart's content.

Keep building that trust and faith with your inner self, in your highest wishes and let your soul guide you to all that you are dreaming of, all your hopes, wishes and desires. As in truth they are stirring from your soul as you continue to evolve, through the natural cycles of life.

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