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Easing Anxiety with Conscious Breathing & Affirmations

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The regular practice of conscious breathing exercises has untold and far reaching health benefits. By implementing often, breathing exercises can reduce stress and increases a sense of calm. They can also lower the blood pressure, cleanse the blood and stimulate the Lymphatic system. By assisting the blood to become cleaner, it is then far more difficult for disease and illness to stay put in your system. These are just a few of the many great benefits that can take place when you carry out deep, slow breathing exercises, on a regular basis throughout your day.

BREATHING EXERCISE: Let’s begin now to deepen and slow your breathing down. By intentionally doing so, you also instinctively connect to your true nature. Place one hand on your heart area and one hand on your lower abdomen, close your eyes and take a gentle but long breath in. Feel your body gently expanding in sections, chest, ribcage and lower abdomen. You could count for 5 as you inhale, hold for 2 and exhale for 7, seconds not minutes! repeat for 3 nice rhythmic breaths.

Now we are going to add a mantra, to increase the effectiveness for body and mind, as you cannot separate the two! So as you next breathe in, say silently to yourself; As I slow my breathing down……… and as you exhale repeat, I am feeling calm and relaxed. Repeat this mantra for about four to six nice slow, mindful breaths. Now observe how you feel, calmer and more relaxed.

You could then use another mantra such as; As I slow my breathing down… hold for 2, I feel peaceful deep within. Always repeat for a minimum of 4 breaths, to really feel the effects taking place.

AFFIRMATIONS: These are a great tool for reprogramming the subconscious mind to help overcome anxiety. MRI evidence suggests that certain neural pathways are increased positively when people regularly carry out self affirming, affirmations. Repeat your affirmation three times, as you say it to yourself silently or out loud throughout the day. You can continue for as long as you feel necessary, but I find 21 days is good.

Affirmations are self empowering and liberating for the soul, I am a great advocate of affirmations, Ha there is an affirmation in itself!

Always say them in the present tense. I find the term ‘I AM‘ very powerful. So for anxiety you could affirm, I AM calm, safe and relaxed. I AM becoming stronger every day. Or another one you can use is, I AM reconnecting to the love of my true nature. I feel love, I AM loved.

On our *Live Lounge show: I also gave away a favorite affirmation of mine that came to me in my morning meditations. So I will share it here with you too. It goes like this; I deeply and profoundly believe in myself, in all that I am and all that I do. – I love using this one before I am giving an Inspirational talk or mediumship event with audiences.

Lastly, I will add that it is important to write down reminders to breathe deeply and to repeat your affirmations. I write mine on post it notes and put in places I can see them clearly. The bathroom mirror, by the coffee maker or kettle, in the car on the dashboard, anywhere you are likely to see them often. DO NOT close your eyes whilst driving, or any other time you need to be fully aware, if you are practicing deep breathing!

May you find these little tips and techniques helpful with any anxiety or frustrations you may be experiencing.

Always remember to be kind and caring with yourself, it is paramount to your emotions and well-being on every level.

We also offer a free Live Lounge show each month on YouTube, where together with my husband Paul (AKA the Soul Crew) we discuss current topics. If you head over to YouTube and search SoulCrew Lounge, you will find many episodes to enjoy on a variety of subjects. We cover personal and spiritual growth, channelling with our spirit teams and energetic updates. We would really appreciate you subscribing to our channel and sharing with likeminded friends, so we can grow together and reach further afield spreading the LIGHT.

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Caroline Crawford- Spirit Of Love – Master Healer and Teacher – Spiritual Intuitive – Writer

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