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Animal Companions That Share Our Lives

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Animals play a vital role in our lives, they touch our hearts and souls in a profound and loving way, accepting us completely without judgement. I believe animals choose us and that we are also guided to them, as we have an energetic and spiritual connection. There is something we have to share and work out with each other, through a vibrational match. Sometimes we have also shared in a previous life, a whole other subject I know, but relevant as this occurs so many times and it is felt in your soul.

Looking into an animals eyes is like connecting on a soul level, much can be sensed and felt in this and many other ways, to our adored companions.

Just relaxing with them brings an alignment to our spirits and the love we share together. It goes without saying that animals are highly intuitive and telepathic, it is how they survive in the wild through their innate and infinite spirit. And of course it is how they communicate with each other and us humans!

As animals senses are so finely tuned, they may not be comfortable around individuals that are out of balance. They are especially sensitive and uncomfortable around emotions of anger and negative intentions. Having said that, some highly intelligent animals can calm and relax human emotions and instill a sense of calm and healing. Think how comforting it can be to stroke a pet, or just be with any beautiful animal you have the privilege to be in the presence of. So it is important we keep a healthy balance not only for ourselves, but also the animals we share our paths with.

Their roles are far reaching and play such an intricate part to the bigger picture of life we have on this planet. The balance of the earth and nature is dependent on insects and their activities for instance, the role honey bee’s play in pollination is vital to the reproduction of the food we eat and so on. The list is endless really in the way we are interdependent and co-exist on this beautiful planet.

Children and adults alike can all benefit from the love of having a pet, it is becoming more common knowledge that health in many ways is improved by spending time with them. It has been found that anxiety is reduced as is behavioral distress. Animals can offer social support for the lonely, help us improve physical exercise and enjoy the healthy benefits of outdoor life. The impact and imprint animals have on our lives is immeasurable in many cases, especially to those who have a deep and close relationships with them.

Having spent the majority of my childhood with horses, cats, dogs, rabbits and a variety of other animals I encountered at stable yards and rescue centers, I have always had a natural affinity with them. I would just know what they were thinking and we sensed each others feelings. Thinking back, I used to think that big horses were giants from a far away land and initially was a bit anxious around them. But tuning into their feelings and personalities they were incredibly gentle. It was the little ponies that were mischievous and you would have to be more mindful being around!

My childhood was full of incidents bringing stray dogs home and not understanding why, if it was without a loving home, it could not stay with us! My Mum was a great lover of animals and was the most loving, giving, generous soul that sacrificed so much for her children, but I think I did test her generosity by pleading to keep so many stray animals. Visits to the local pet store were another great joy, but again I really did not understand why I could not take home an array of animals! It was on a holiday we took to the Isle of Wight, a small island just off the south coast of England, that my heart was captured by horses.

I was five years old and I had wondered off alone to find a paddock with several large horses, I became completely captivated by them. I talked to them naturally, communicating as one muzzled my head and hair for ages ever so gently saying we won’t hurt you, we are your friends. Everyday I sneaked away, even without telling my sister, to spend time with my secret friends, the horses. After we returned home I announced I would like to start horse riding at

the local stables, and Christine my big sister had already been going there for some time, and so my life long relationship with horses began.

Horses have so much to teach us and I have learnt so much about animal communication through the intelligence, fun and bond we shared. I have witnessed time and time again their innate wisdom and compassion, along with their advanced knowing. So often the ponies that are usually quite frisky and challenging to ride, finding it fun getting a rider that is heavy handed to disembark out of the saddle, will behave impeccably with a disabled rider. They know the rider needs to be taken care of and have a total transformation as they carefully look after them. Connection to the loving consciousness working in perfect harmony, giving happiness and healing. The look of pure joy on the children faces was heartwarming to say the least. This exchange of energy in my mind, is the same energy in motion that we give and share as humans. The same energy that we are so blessed to share with so many other animals throughout life.

Animals have souls that also evolve and live on after they go over the rainbow

bridge. This subject often causes so much upset and grieving to humans that feel they are left without a valued family member. As many people feel that this is what their beloved pet is, a valued family member. I have experienced this pain many times losing dogs, guinea pigs, cats and horses, amongst others. The grieving process is an important phase of life, more so to some people than others, but still a sacred time of honoring your animal friend that has given you so much joy, and has been there for you. Many people have expressed that their animal companions have been there for them and given them more love, happiness and understanding than humans!

In my capacity as an animal and equine healer, I have had many incidents where an animal had to be euthanized and the animals person/carer was distraught. This is where my spiritual abilities gave much strength at a very upsetting time, to both myself and those who had loved the animal. I know and have seen without any shred of doubt that the transition process is a deeply peaceful and graceful one for the animal. They have an innate knowing, that their spirit is on a journey to freedom, just as humans are. As their spirit is released from the physical body, they are ALWAYS surrounded by loving highly evolved beings of Light. This is also the case if the animal is killed by accident or in any other way. This has been confirmed by Jerama, the non physical team, that has worked with my husband Paul and myself for over thirty years. A team of highly evolved consciousness that’s purpose is to inspire and make us aware of the universal laws and how they operate throughout all of existence, this includes the amazing animal kingdom. We know the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit, both for humans and the animal kingdom. It’s the same emotions we feel that our beloved animals feel when they experience loss of a companion, surgery and illness or indeed any traumatic event. Unlike humans animals cannot cry to release the sadness, pain or hurt and this can lead to them gaining great benefit from an animal healer that will address their thoughts and emotions and help to re-gain balance.

The most beautiful gift you can give your animal in times of or approaching their transition, is one of calm, loving acceptance of THEIR journey. Remember they feel and sense your

energy and emotions, so allowing yourself to be the best you can be will not only assist them in their transition back to their natural state of being, that of spirit, but will be of great support to you as well.

When one of our beloved dobermans, Bella had to be euthanized at the tender age of three years, due to a terminal illness, I was absolutely devastated. In fact my exact words were, “I feel like I have had my heart ripped out”. It was through the wisdom and information of our non-physical team Jerama, that I found some comfort. The truth they conveyed was we all continue to exist and that fundamentally there is no loss, as we are all part of an omni present consciousness that we return to and which is continually expanding for all eternity. That the love and life Bella had had with us was more than most have the opportunity to experience in a lifetime. Her spirit had evolved because of the love we had shared and would continue to share, along with the understanding and advancement I would gain through that love. Bella’s spirit was free, peaceful and without any of the physical suffering now. Although it took a little time for me, eventually I vowed not to be that upset again and to live by the truths and beliefs I held. Every animal companion that you have touched on a soul level, you will be re-united with in the spirit world. This put me in a stronger position later on as our other dogs, cats and my horse Tetley made their transitions back to the spiritual realms.

Animals can also help us to discover deeper aspects of ourselves that ordinarily we may not tap into, deeper levels of patience, compassion and healing. Each and every animal has its own unique habits, ways and behaviors, we can learn so much from them on many levels. They offer to us ancient and eternal wisdom if we listen and observe in stillness with an open heart. They will also guide us in our dreamtime. Remember that everything in existence on this planet is consciousness and therefore is born of the same energy and consciousness as you and I, the earth, planets, this universe and universes beyond. Animal consciousness differs in various ways such as that they do not have quite the freewill humans possess obviously! They do have degrees of self- consciousness though, just as humans do. Their energy, their life-force however is exactly as mankinds, in that it is eternal, loved and valued. As we are all created from the same building block, the atom, we can say then that it is through these atoms, which are the common denominator, that we communicate and expand consciousness together.

Lastly, I feel one of the most important aspects of living, working and sharing our lives with our beloved animal companions, is that we must accept that their lifetime is not as long as most humans. By accepting this along with an idea of the lifespan that different animals and breeds have, you will then benefit from the understanding that they can not always be with you throughout your life. These thoughts can ease much mental and emotional suffering for you, as you share a very special bond and relationship with them. Their path and time here is sacred and of great value and when their time comes to make their transition home to the non-physical, its essential that we allow their final chapter in the physical world to be as beautiful, peaceful and as calm as it can be. It’s ok to grieve and wonderful to give thanks for the times and memories you have shared, but its so important to let them go in love and to allow yourself to immerse in the chapters, adventures and new beginnings that lie ahead. This is exactly what our animals do, as they evolved through the love you shared they then continually bask in the loving energies of the divine.

The best gift you can give them is to do the same, they are now free, allow yourself that same freedom.

Continue to evolve, to love, to grow, and to enjoy all that life has to offer. To create the life your heart and soul desire and be fully appreciative of the richness and tapestry of your unique path and relationships with the animals that have accompanied you. Life is such an amazing gift to be treasured, just as you are. So be happy and know deep within, this is what the loved ones who have shared your path wish for you. Honor yourself and them as you continue to walk in love and understanding with the wisdom of animals.


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