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A Highly Empowering And Easy Exercise

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

When you plan your day with a positive outlook and attitude rather than a negative one or any feelings of dread, you will find that the events in your day flow more smoothly. Because when you begin your day from a strong point of positive intention, this will be the energy that precedes you. As well as this positive, creative energy preceding you, it also determines a less defensive and reactive response if any challenges or changes in your day arise, which can often be the case. You are then able to respond from a place of greater calm and creativity to changes or choices that are called for, as you will be aligned with the higher aspects of yourself. You will be more effective in connecting to your true nature, your spirit,

as you have started your day from that positive point within, your center of self empowerment.

Your intuition is a vibration rather like radio waves and electricity, the energy moving through them is not seen but the effects are! What is moving unseen through the atmosphere creates a physical manifestation from the initial input point. These connected systems of energy are in some respects what makes the physical world more alive and it is through your intuition, your inner being that you manifest your dreams, desires, thoughts and ideas into reality.

As you learn to acknowledge and differentiate the thoughts you think, against a thought that is coming to you, then you can begin to master and direct the way you choose to live in greater balance with your intuition and intentional thoughts. Setting your intentions is rather like a piece of equipment that in order to perform and work correctly it needs to be precisely set up to do so. You would not expect a car to run without fuel or the correct pieces of machinery, a system is in place so everything runs smoothly. It is the same with your thoughts and vibrational energy, things need to match up to attain the best collaboration and results.

Tranquility is paramount when tapping into your higher vibrations for clarity and to receive those inspired impulses, especially when you are starting to become more aware of the totality of your whole being. As you not only awaken to the multi dimensional levels of existence and being, but you will also become more skilled at drawing upon your advanced capabilities, those of your spirit.

The non physical element of you, your true nature is always ready to inhabit and play a larger more prominent part in your physical life, you just have to allow it. Accepting this truth of universal law will enable you to thrive in every aspect and area of life, with the first step being a willingness to move into this way of free thinking, the way of your spirit’s calling.

To be open and relaxed allows greater energies to flow through you that importantly, meet no resistance, no tension. In this way you can create a pathway to evolve with an even greater and stronger force field of energies and to merge with in mind, body and soul.

So as you think, you vibrate and send out a signal that draws into your life people, events, situations and experiences. These match your thoughts to align with your frequency, creating a world within worlds, so to speak. The more choosy you become, on doing your inner work, by especially letting go of habitual thoughts that do not serve you and head toward positive, loving and empowering thoughts for yourself, the closer in alignment you are with your spirit.

Setting your daily intentions is such a powerful, creative and ultimately empowering exercise to do. I love carrying out this daily ritual and I am sure as you begin to experience transformative results, you too will come to love it as much as I do!

I deeply and truly believe we all have a chosen destiny, but also that it is infinitely open to change and to evolve at any given moment, as we ebb and flow with fluctuations that can take place both within and around us. Breakthroughs of thought, awareness and understanding can occur at any moment, giving rise to a jump or shift in your energy. You feel these rather like a promotion or a raise, as your energy and life take a leap forward, similar to the season of spring bursting into life after laying fallow through the winter months. A renewed perspective, a fresh state of mind as colors, fragrances and insights delight the senses.

As you learn to nurture, trust and encourage yourself with gentleness and patience, you will give rise to a profound and renewed inner strength and vision. Your physicality will respond to your inner work and merge to a greater degree with your non physical energies, those of your spirit.

You are a creative, divine being that is both physical and non physical and are ultimately part of Great Spirit, the Source of all creation. The creative force of all worlds that is inherent and permeates through you, me, the stars, planets, universes and everything that exists!

This is the energy, the consciousness that you are a valued and treasured part of, a light that can never be extinguished for it lives and evolves eternally.

Now you may not be feeling that power and energy in its entirety right now, as in some respects it is too high a frequency to experience at all times in the physical world. However, you can tap in to the divine energies that are constantly available to you at any given moment. As you remain focused with pure loving intentions, a passionate desire to ascend and to be in alignment with the higher energy of your true nature, your spirit will soar with a renewed sense of freedom. Then you will be able to maintain a clear perspective of what the bigger picture is.

You will also gain a profound knowing, a remembering from your spirit, that the setting of your positive, daily intentions is a most empowering and joyful way to go!

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