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Align With Your True Nature

Let’s begin today, as the first day of you becoming more in tune with your true nature. Feel happy to be open to your inner guidance and any impulses or impressions from your higher self, your soul.

Sit comfortably and slow your breathing down, as you signal to yourself this is your sacred time to align with your true nature, the place where your physical and non-physical energies merge.

You may also like to burn some incense or pure essential oils. I always enjoy preparing my space, I feel my energy and my mind becoming quieter and more focused, as I withdraw from the busy goings on in the outside world connecting to the peace of my inner world.

Here I will add that there are those days it’s a little more challenging, if this occurs then just be as gentle with yourself as you can and keep to a desired time as you allow your thoughts to clear. It may be that you can clear away any negativity and unsettling thoughts. If not, just be relaxed and easy with yourself on those days, its important you stay happy and kind in your process of learning to connect.

Using a mantra or an affirmation will often help, something like, I am at peace with myself, I am becoming calmer with each breath, I am Loved.

Close your eyes and follow my Guided Visualization

Once you are settled, feel and visualize or just imagine a warm orange light, like a small ball of sunshine flowing in your lower abdomen. This is your sacral chakra area, your place of self nourishment. Now feel that orange light gently filling your lower back, hips, and buttocks, and know it is filling and surrounding your legs and feet. Just feel it relaxing your thoughts and soothing your emotions for a few breaths…………

Now bring your awareness to your naval area as you imagine the orange light flowing into your middle body, beyond the sides and expanding outwards each time you breathe.

Then bring the light into your chest and heart area and feel it expanding outwards, enveloping your upper chest and back, and again feel it soothing your thoughts and emotions.

Bring the light into your shoulders and allow it to flow down both arms, all the way out through your fingertips. So from the base of your neck and throat, you are glowing and vibrating within and around your body, as you are bathed in this beautiful orange light.

Then allow the light to gently fill your neck, up into your jaw, mouth, nose, cheeks, ears and behind your eyes, before filling your eyes and your third eye, at the centre of your forehead just above the eyes. Feel deeply peaceful and sense the connection to your true nature, as the light fills your entire head gently flowing out through the crown above your head.

Just accept any other feelings, sensations or colours as the light completely fills and surrounds you now. Gently breathe and relax enjoying your sacred quiet time for a few minutes.

It’s a good idea to have a notepad and pen at your side to make a few brief notes on your early experiences, as you’ll be expanding your awareness step-by-step along your unique path. As time goes on you can look back at your early notes and see how far you’ve progressed.

This exercise can be carried out daily or as I have said earlier, aim for five days a week and be consistent in your endeavours as this is what brings the best results. You would not expect learning to drive a car by taking the odd lesson and become competent overnight. You would commit to regular lessons and build your confidence and expertise over time.

So step-by-step, be happy with yourself and do not judge or criticize any of the challenging days, rather put it down to experience and begin afresh the next time. Honestly, after over 35 years of meditating I still have occasions I may find it difficult to settle. This can be due to events taking place around me or just my busy mind and/or occasional negative thoughts, that are a part of living in the physical world. So it is essential to just let it go, be gentle to yourself and do something uplifting if need be.

I love getting outdoors or playing with my animals, being in nature, exercising, listening to music, having fun losing myself in childlike wonder, reading something inspiring. Whatever floats your boat just do it! and have fun along the way. Your soul always, always agrees with that and will not accompany you in any negativity. This is why we feel alone when we are being negative, as our soul, our guides and great spirit are not in agreement with us. They are always calling us to love, to lighten up and be easy on ourselves.

Remember you always have a choice, so choose to relax, let go and start afresh. All circumstances are temporary and everything will and does change.

You honestly just have to allow it to and give things the time to change and unfold.

Let the light flow through you and light you up from within, as you shine the way you intended with your soul, long before you were born into this physical world.

With much love, Caroline Crawford .

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