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Through this guided meditation you are assisted in the process of releasing emotional attachments to people, places and situations that your soul is calling you to let go of now. You can live with more freedom as you identify unhealthy attachments that drain and block your energy to set yourself free to the greater happiness you desire.


As mental and emotional ties are cleansed and removed, that can be causing you things such as anxiety, mood swings and lack of focus, you will begin to feel revitalized and renewed in mind, body and soul. You are then ready to re claim your innate power, to establish a greater alignment to your True Self, the loving power of your soul.


Negative thought patterns, unhealthy relationships, outgrown beliefs  and behaviors stored in the sub conscious mind limit your full potential. As you release these attachments, you can then open up the space that sets you free to create the life your heart and soul truly desires.



Gaining insight and clarity often accompanies this powerful process so you can step into life more consciously and mindfully as you strengthen your entire energy field. In this guided meditation you will also set healthy, nourishing new boundaries that yourself and others will respect from now on, as you build future relationships that reflect your new set point with mutual respect, love and understanding. Take the step NOW as you gift yourself  with this empowering guided meditation to set yourself free.

Release Emotional Attachments & Cut Ties To The Past

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