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Caroline Crawford Spirit Medium and Healer
Spirit of Love
Caroline Crawford Medium and Healer

Caroline Crawford is an inspirational speaker, teacher, healer, intuitive medium and workshop leader. She is also a passionate writer on matters of the heart, personal growth and empowerment, including spiritual teachings and raising awareness of that which we truly are.
Her mission is one of guiding all beings of light (that’s you!) to awakening the wisdom, truth and beauty that lies within each one of us. Through her writing and various other methods you can find here, you will feel an increased  understanding, a raising of your energies, along with a renewed zest for life as you enjoy reading and listening to infinite intelligence that channel and assist Caroline at times, not just in her own life but for you too.

“As together we walk this path as infinite beings of Light, Love and continual unfolding, we also come to realize that nothing exists outside of consciousness and in truth WE ARE that consciousness.”
Caroline Crawford

Welcome To My Website

Thank you for visiting me on my website, may we have fun along the pathways as we travel together.

Infinite Love and Blessings,
Caroline Crawford xxx 

Here is a radio interview on Self Talk Radio in 2019, with host Sarah Spencer discussing with Caroline elements of her mediumship work, the profound healing effects and a little insight into her life.

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