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Journey to your sacred heart to experience deep shifts within of divine love, compassion and joy. As you are clearly guided through this meditation by Caroline and her soft relaxing voice, your heart will open further to the energy and Light of the healing frequencies embedded in this profoundly healing guided meditation.


 Crafted with love and guided by her spirit team, Caroline leads from the heart to assist you in raising your consciousness from the portal of the heart, connecting you to your soul its wisdom and inspiration. 


You are also joined by an Angelic Being from the higher realms that  accompanies you, as they wrap their wings of deep benevolent love around you, you are reminded of who you truly are.


The music is soothing, relaxing and perfect to reduce any tensions, anxiety and stress you may have accumulated, sometimes without even realizing. Once you have completed this beautiful, powerful SACRED HEART meditation, you will feel a new level of inner peace and tranquility. Bringing you closer to your soul, elevating your heart’s resonance with the higher frequencies you will be wanting to take this journey again and again.

Journey To Your Sacred Heart

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